In the used car market of Thailand, as for the used car, a so-called primary occupation shop is in condition to sell it in form to set a used car under the temporary roof called the tent at a maker and a stage that the used car strategy of the dealer is still included in the beginning.
On the other hand, a new buyer subsidy could be carried out, and the class of users buying a car greatly spreads, and the formation of the healthy used car market comes for a prospective stage.
Toyota or Honda with a big share began an action to used car business in Thailand during these past 2-3 years, but there is a limit limited to a house brand car as for the used car business of the subsidiary of maker.
It was Gulliver who came to lay emphasis on retail including business development recently in Maine, but, in Japan, started a purchase at retail without receiving it in Thailand. It is said that I do not buy it from local used car circulation environment at the time of the start. As a matter of course, I will perform the purchase in the future.
Because it is the actual condition of Thailand that the sellers that a used car is like a broker are worked only as, I seem to think about business development in the form that completely renovates an image of the used car sale for Gulliver.
Decoration is finished well, and, as for the displayed used car, it is said that I prepare the high-quality car which I checked about the function part elaborately. Besides, it is a basic policy a perfect guarantee includes it, and to sell at a fair price.